Design & Build

We know that there is a long way to go between design and realization. That’s why our designs come mainly from our wood- metal based workshop, where previous results and experience help to understand technical constraints on new ideas. Our products can be the result of atipic consoles or authentic works.

Interior Design

With our design, we are trying to create the atmosphere of the place properly, because every space hides its possibilities. Our results can be functionally designed furniture or support the original site with a visual solution.
Understanding a place and designing a proposal always comes from a particular location.

Technical support

The form is inseparable from the content of the idea and therefore we know that correct realization is often a compromise. Our strengths include not only patience, but also endurance to bring things to an end.
Our services focus on work in the workshop, as well as the field.
Our customers include many artists and galleries, but our interest belongs to anyone interested in creating an authentic environment.